Love is Time With Others

Read: John 15:13
"Greater love has no one than this; to lay down one's life for a friend."

Story: I was pondering out here on our back deck about love and what it meant. Then I started to pray and as I was praying, there was a knock at the side door. Here was our neighbour boy dropping off some soup that his Papa had made. I asked Connor to come and sit with me on the deck, and as we were conversing, it became apparent to me what love REALLY is! It means spending extra time with others when this may be an inconvenient time; and after all, I have to write this devotional. As I write, I realize, that not only was Connor sharing Christ's love, but together, we were sharing our lives with each other. Yes. It felt like I was sacrificing my time and listening to an 8 year old telling me all about hockey. And as we were conversing, Connor said: " I remember when you gave me that Bible and I remember when we were playing with that Jesus puzzle, and don't you remember when we were reading about God?

Practice: Friends- we have no idea what a great gift we share with others when we give our time to others. And I have learned that children are so open to receive our love. It's as if God places people in our lives to test us. Will we be willing to give of ourselves to others? Are we willing to sacrifice our time for God, even if it costs? Even if it takes from our own precious moments?

Prayer: Lord- as You gave of Your life for us, so we must give of our lives to others because You loved us so much and gave all of Yourself. Give us an awareness of the

by Ed and Hedy Rempel