Loving others with Christ

Read: John 15:5-8 (The Message)

Story: For most of us attempting to ‘live in God’s Kingdom’ we want to be productive, we want to feel useful. That is how we have been wired. What is my purpose in life? How can I be successful? If I can just work harder that goal would be within my grasp. But those desires put us at odds with the Kingdom. In order to be used by God, surrender is the necessary posture.

It is through practicing the Spiritual disciplines that we can begin the process of surrendering to Christ’s will. That we can begin to establish what will become a fruitful relationship with Christ. We will begin to grow as true ‘branches bearing fruit’ in the Kingdom of God.

Committing your life to Christ is a necessary first step but growth should follow. Reading, meditating, prayer are all practices that will help you become fruitful in God’s Kingdom.

Practice: My goal this year is to try to practice the presence of God not just during my daily morning devotions but in all aspects of my life. By assuming this posture of expecting to be with His Spirit I know I will be better able to show Christ’s love more regularly.

I cannot show Christ’s love on my own. I don’t have that kind of love within me but by yielding to His Spirit I may be able to be fruitful in showing the love of Christ to those I encounter.

That is our purpose as Christians, to demonstrate the love of Christ to others, ALL ‘OTHERS’.

As Christ welcomed and loved all while He walked on this earth so should we.

by Mike Penner